Virtual Visits with Santa Claus – Live Video Chats and Personalized Video Messages

Personalized Video Message

Personalized videos are a lot of fun… and they’re not just for children any more.

Imagine, you could have Santa Claus create a special message to a child, grandchild, coworker, a friend, your social media followers, your customers, send a video Christmas card… let your imagination run wild. We can even make a video ad for your business using you logo and product.

We upload your video to YouTube using a private web address (URL). Only people you have shared the URL with are able to watch your custom video. Private YouTube videos are not included in searches on YouTube, Google, or other search engines.

We can also send you the MP4 video file for a small additional fee.

Average video length is around 10 minutes but can vary due to the amount of information provided to Santa. Average cost for the video and link is only $45 and a MP4 file can be sent for an additional $5.
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The recorded video is intended for personal use only and may not be used for commercial or promotional use without written permission of Santa Phil Cayton.

After purchasing, please complete the Visits Information Form once for each personalized video you’ve ordered. This ensures a perfectly personalized visit.

Click the button below to watch an example of a personalized video.

Virtual Visits – Live Video Chats

Sometimes you just need to have Santa talk with someone in person…

Santa will use Zoom or another video chat application to have a virtual visit with a person or group of your choice.

You can even have Santa drop in on your company’s Zoom meeting for a surprise visit! The employees are sure to get a kick out of it. You can surprise friends and family with a special live call from Santa, spreading the spirit of Christmas and bringing joy to their day.

Have family members and friends join in from anywhere in the world and the chat video can be captured for a lasting memory.

Guaranteed to blow anyone away… seriously… Santa right there, in person, from the NORTH POLE… what could be better than that?
Mrs. Claus may even pop in.

Like the recorded video, you give Santa some inside info to add to the magic.

Average chat time is around 15 minutes but can vary due to number of people and length of conversation. The average cost is around $60 and multiple children can be visited at one time for just a few dollars more. Invite the grandparents to join in from wherever they are.
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After purchasing, please complete the Visits Information Questionnaire Form once for each Santa chat you’ve ordered. This ensures a perfectly personalized visit.
You can then select the date and time that you prefer for the virtual visit.

You’re never too young or old for a visit from Santa and a video or chat can be scheduled for any time of the year so you can send a birthday or anniversary wish too.

You can request a quote for videos or chats with the Virtual Visit Quotation Form.
A Visits Information Questionnaire Form must be completed for each virtual visit ordered,