Jingle ID and Customer Flow

Please follow these steps if you are using a JingleID.

If you have a JingleID we recommend the following steps to make sure we correctly match you with your favorite Claus performer. If you need assistance, please contact Support and one of our super-helpful Support Elves will help.

Step 1: Enter the JingleID at registration. Please be careful to use the correct number.


Step 2: You will find a green checkmark indicating the preferences that your Claus offers.

  • Please DO NOT change the language or type of Santa.
  • Only select an option(s) with a green checkmark next to it.
  • Confirm your JingleID is correct at the bottom of this page.

For example (in the screenshot below), this Claus has green checkmarks to:

  • Serve Special Needs
  • Conduct Faith Based visits
  • Include Storytime

This Claus DOES NOT have green checkmarks, so he/she cannot:

  • Offer Sign Language
  • Include Mrs. Claus

Step 3: Schedule date & time – Choose a day / time that your Claus is available.  Look for thegreen checkmarks.  If the day/time does not have a green checkmark, this Claus is not available. Please DO NOT select a day or time without agreen checkmark or you will not get scheduled with your preferred Claus.


When you’ve selected a day / time with a green checkmark, the time will turn blue and you can then proceed to checkout by hitting Next.


Once you have completed your order you can go to your Account page to see the JingleID on your account.